Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Italian Renaissance Artists:Masaccio

Masaccio was born in 1401 and he past away in 1428.Masaccio was most likely one of the most influential artists of the renaissance.Historians say that he,Donatello,and Brunelleschi inspired the style of art that typifies art of the period.When he was 27 years old he developed a style that used perspective in a way that it created an illusion of three-dimensions.There was a significant change from the flat style of painting that typified medieval art.

I think that Masaccio,based on what I read was a really good man.I feel that what he did when he was a live he did it with his heart.The reason is because he had a passion for what he did.And when you work on something you have a passion for you do it with your heart.Also I feel like he changed himself to go above of what he did.For example if he did something great he will find a way to do it better.I think he did that because he wanted to make his work remembered for a long time.

Medici Family

Who:Pope had a massive overdraft.And Medici bank became the most profitable business.
Where:In Italy
How They Lived:The Medici bank collected 10% of the citizens earnings for the church.
Why They Are Important:They were important because sometimes they went through bribery,corruption and violence,just to get to the top.

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