Monday, November 14, 2011

Frida's Life!

  Frida’s Life by Marta

   Their was a little girl named Frida.Her family was int he lower class,and they didn’t have that much rights.Her life wasn’t that good.Her dad had to work really hard.Her chances of a good education wasn’t so great.She wouldn’t have that much choices in her life when she grew up.Frida wanted to change how it was but she can’t.She doesn’t have control of her life.She wished she did,but she doesn’t.The upper classes only had a good life and choices.The upper classes loved their life,but the lower classes didn’t.

Her whole life was already set for her already.She had to do whatever she got to do when she grew up,because her family was in the lower class.If she wanted to do something better she couldn’t.Frida couldn’t do anything about it.She didn’t have control of her life and her parents didn’t either.If she wanted to be something bigger in life she couldn’t no matter what she did.It would be nice if she did have control of her life.That would be a great thing in her life.

Her parents had to work very hard to get enough money.They really didn’t get paid enough,but they had no control so they couldn’t do anything about it.The lower class people didn’t have a choice of anything.The reason they would be in lower class is because of their families back then.It depends on if their family were lower class or more up.Frida’s life is very hard because she really doesn’t have that much freedom.If Frida was in the upper class she would be more happy.The reason is because she would have more freedom.Not only that,but she would have great choices.Also she would problably have a better chance at a great education.