Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Italian Renaissance Artists:Masaccio

Masaccio was born in 1401 and he past away in 1428.Masaccio was most likely one of the most influential artists of the renaissance.Historians say that he,Donatello,and Brunelleschi inspired the style of art that typifies art of the period.When he was 27 years old he developed a style that used perspective in a way that it created an illusion of three-dimensions.There was a significant change from the flat style of painting that typified medieval art.

I think that Masaccio,based on what I read was a really good man.I feel that what he did when he was a live he did it with his heart.The reason is because he had a passion for what he did.And when you work on something you have a passion for you do it with your heart.Also I feel like he changed himself to go above of what he did.For example if he did something great he will find a way to do it better.I think he did that because he wanted to make his work remembered for a long time.

Medici Family

Who:Pope had a massive overdraft.And Medici bank became the most profitable business.
Where:In Italy
How They Lived:The Medici bank collected 10% of the citizens earnings for the church.
Why They Are Important:They were important because sometimes they went through bribery,corruption and violence,just to get to the top.

Friday, May 25, 2012


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The life as a slave!

When you think about the life of a slave you might think that they don't get treated well and they have a bad life.well actually slaves weren't treated badly.Slaves performed manual labor for their owners.The way you can become a slave was if your parent sold you for money so that they can feed the rest of the family.
slaves even though salves are at the bottom they don't get treated badly and that actually surprised me.The fact that I saw was that if you are in the top,middle,or bottom you are not treated badly.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Cyberbullying NEEDS to STOP!

Cyberbullying is between 2 kids,NO adults.It happens when it is in like Facebook etc.It affects a lot of people.It affects the person being bullied because it might lead to them killing themselves.Also it affects their family they will miss them SO much.It will affect the person who is cyberbullying the other person because it will effect their future.It needs to STOP because the person being bullied is getting SUPER hurt and the other person doesn't even know how much it is effecting the other person.Its not fair the many kids kill themselves because of SUPER mean people.Also what they person finds little the other person being bullied might find it a SUPER big deal.When my whole 7th grade class started to talk abut this for team & family on Friday,we saw a video about a kid Name Ryan,and his dad talking about what happened to his son.While watching the video it made me start crying,I don't think it is fair.Then in the weekend I started seeing video about this subject and I saw a video called "Meet Jade",The video is SUPER sad and it makes me cry and also it makes me want to do more and help other people.That video is super important to me now and I can't help but to think why did people bullied Jade.Jade was so pretty,I think the people were just jealous of her.